How to win a Girl’s Heart in 24 Hours*

OK here it goes

Be Brave. Most girls like guys with confidence, not an ego. Just walk up to her and start a simple conversation.

Prove that you really love her and are not simply crushing or lusting for her. Ask her about herself, talk to her, don’t just move in for the kiss: actually listen to her and look her in the eye.

Care for Her: Ask her about her day. It’s a simple way to show her that you are interested in what she does. When she starts to talk, you must give her your full attention. Look her in the eye and don’t check anyone else out! And most importantly, don’t interrupt! Ask her questions about it though, because it will show her that you are concerned. Offer to help her.

Don’t tell girls- for that matter, anyone at all – they have a flaw unless you are OBVIOUSLY poking fun at them, even then only if you know they can take a joke, and know you well enough to know how to react to your teasing. Otherwise you risk putting them off.

Show respect for other girls too. When she realizes that other girls take interest in you then she will automatically get to the point where you want her to be.

Make sure to be good friends with her friends. If her friends like you, you’ll have a better chance of winning her over. After all, girls often turn to their friends for advice and for a second opinion. So, it’s best if her friends have a high opinion of you, right?

Make her feel like the most beautiful thing in the world. You can actually directly say that. Girls LOVE to be complimented and to know that they are beautiful, but don’t push it, then you just feel awkward and can’t hold a conversation about something else. Just saying something like “you look really nice today” will make her happy. As long as you’re sincere.

Make sure she feels safe with you. Most girls want to have someone they can trust and turn to when something goes wrong. And even when she is having a good day let her know you’re interested in how she’s doing. If you know that she has plans after work or school, ask her how it went. If you let on that you like her, she’ll eventually pick up on the hints. Girls are usually smart with things like this…TRUST ME.

Feel good and bad for her. If she is having a bad day, let her know that you feel her pain and that you want her to feel better. Then ACTUALLY ATTEMPT TO MAKE HER FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!!

Simple little touches will help. If her head hurts tell her you’re sorry and stroke her face a little bit-but ONLY if she’s single. Make a point to pick a pretend fuzz ball off of her back or something and then quickly stroke her back with your hand, but make sure you don’t rub her down.

Make her friends yours. If her friends don’t particularly like you, try to be nice. Just say that you’re sorry for anything you have done to them, you really care about (insert girl’s name), and you want to get along with them for her sake. And then, really make a point to befriend them.

And if you can make a girl laugh, you’ll get further with her. But don’t take advantage of this. Let her be your best friend first, then ease your into things. A girl needs to know that she can trust you, and that you’re not going to break her heart because you really do care about her.

Another tip: let her wear your jacket if she’s cold. It makes an even bigger impression if you take it off of your back and give it to her to wear, but make sure it’s clean and smells decent. In doing this, you show a girl that you care about her.

Women take pride in hygiene and if a man has good hygiene it works really well on her.

Be ready to catch up because girls can run you around.

Don’t play games. It’s a waste of time and gets a relationship headed in the wrong direction. If you start on something false, or something without substance, that is most likely where you will end up. Cute little flirting or teasing is okay, but never pretend to be someone you’re not. If you think the girl is only in the relationship for one thing, and you’re in it for another, don’t just play along to keep her with you. Tell her what you’re looking for and try and make her see what really counts.

Be sincere. Complements, flirting, teasing, carefulness, none of it matters unless you truly do care. If you don’t then you shouldn’t be reading this, nor will whatever girl you’re trying to get ever be with you if you don’t care.

Love her for her quirks. Everyone has something they don’t like about the person they love, but if you have too many big things on that list, you need the boot. You need to love her for the things that make her special, for her uniqueness. Tell her so. For example “I love your freckles.” A simple thing like that that you know she may be insecure about can really mean a lot to a girl.

If you are thinking something, tell her. If you can’t decipher her signals or see where she is going with what she’s doing/saying, tell her that. It’s best just to get it out there, and see what she says. If you’re unsure of what is going on, or how she’s treating you, tell her that. If you get it out there right away, the problem can be fixed and the relationship can stay healthy.

Love who she is, inside and out. And show it.

*Imaginary conditions applied


9 Responses to “How to win a Girl’s Heart in 24 Hours*”

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  5. Raheel Aslam Says:

    Sorry for the late reply, was busy in projects.

    Well mate the thing is if she is ready for it and you see it that way?

    Sung Esshaki has a suggested a book in the comments , you might wanna check it out.

  6. Burney Says:

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