Best Programmer T-Shirts

Java Programmers Change Lightbulb

Java Programmer Light Bulb Joke shirt
Front: How many Java programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
Back: You’re still thinking procedurally.  A properly designed light bulb object would inherit a change method from a generic light bulb class, so all you’d have to do is send a light bulb change message.

I Manage Programmers

Managing programmers shirt
Front: I manage programmers freakin’ primadonnas! !

Will Code for Food

Will Write Code For Food. shirt
Front: Will Write Code For Food.
Back: It pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety. — Isaac Asimov

Bigger & Better Idiots

As programmers create bigger & better idiot pro... shirt
Front: As programmers create bigger & better idiot proof programs, so the universe creates bigger & better idiots!


multithreaded t-shirt shirt
Front: multithreaded t-shirt

Don’t Panic

I'm a Programmer shirt
Front: DON’T PANIC!  I’m a programmer

Programmers Never Die

Programmers never die: They just GOSUB without ... shirt
Front: Programmers never die:  They just GOSUB without RETURN.


PHP Pretty Hot Programmer shirt
Front & Back: PHP  pretty hot programmer

Do It in Binary

Programmers do it Binary shirt

More RAM

Geeks do it with more RAM shirt
Front: Geeks do it with more RAM

Will Not Fix Your Computer

Fix it yourself shirt
Front: No, I will not fix your computer.

Future Programmer

Baby at Computer Future Computer Programmer shirt
Front: Future Computer Programmer

Programming is an Art Form

Programming is an art form that fights back. shirt
Front: Programming is an art form that fights back.

ASCII Stupid Question

ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI! shirt
Front: ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI!

Please Don’t Tell Mama

Please don't tell mama I'm a programmer-she sti... shirt
Front: Please don’t tell mama I’m a programmer — she still thinks I’m playing piano in a cathouse…

Definition of a Programmer

Definition of a programmer shirt
Front: pro’ gram mer (n.)  An organism that converts caffeine into code.

No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like T-Shirt shirt
Front: There’s no place like

Programmer Riddle

Programmer Riddle 1 shirt
Front: Why do programmers always get Christmas and Halloween mixed up?
Back: Because DEC 25 = OCT 31

If Whitespace Was Truly White

If whitespace was truly white... shirt
Front: If whitespace was truly white… it would show up on a black background.

If You Don’t Like My Attitude

call:1-800-555-RTFM shirt
Front: Tech #710  If you don’t like my attitude call: 1-800-555-RTFM

Change the World

<I tried to change the world, but I couldn't fi... shirt
Front: <I tried to change the world, but I couldn’t find the source code>

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  2. mbt Says:

    that shirt is so nice.

  3. 熱水器 Says:

    I realize the 2worry.I am very q glad to hear that you got your Supra fixed; I remember reading about some of your problem4x !.

  4. 2010 in review « Raheel’s Blog Says:

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  5. Kami Robers Says:

    What an amazing article. Never looked at it it that way. You always createfantastic articles. Your web site literally keeps me focused for hours lol. Love your stuff, don’t ever stop.

  6. Elizbeth Mega Says:

    Austin Computer Repair FTW

  7. Nakesha Perrott Says:

    You’ve quite a good perspective and I quite like it. You deserve to have a positive feedback for this.

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