10 Must Have Add-ins for Microsoft Office

Add-ins are software programs written in a special way with a purpose to extend the capabilities of larger programs. This helps in automating or simplifying your work.

Microsoft lovers don’t only love to use windows, but also in love with Microsoft office as well. This shows office’s popularity among users; apart from this, office has limitations as well making it a candidate for add-ins. Much of the add-ins are provided by Microsoft itself, but there are some third party add-ins available; some of them are free but you will have to pay for the rest.

Following is a list of some of the most popular add-ins for Microsoft Office:

1: Save As OR Print to PDF OR XPS

Most of you may have wished to save your documents (Ms Word/Excel/… files) in a PDF format. PDF file format was created by Adobe Systems for more than a decade ago. It is considered to be so flexible that it became an open standard.

An add-in is available to convert office documents in pdf file from Microsoft as well as from third party. You may download from the following links:

Both add-ins are available for free.

2: CrossEyes for Word

Formatting long documents is a hectic job in itself. CrossEyes makes your life easier by demystifying the Word’s formatting codes. This helps you identify the problems and resolve them.

crosseyesYou can download CrossEyes from here.

3: Microsoft Outlook SMS

You want to send SMS through your computer? Here is a way for it. Microsoft Outlook SMS lets you send SMS text messages through most GSM mobile phones, connected to a PC using Outlook 2003/2007. Sending message is pretty easy. You just enter the message in an Outlook-type message form and then send that message to a mobile phone. There is no need to use third-party software or a subscription to a mobile network service. All you need is to connect your cell phone to your PC. The add-in is provided by Microsoft for free.

You can download Microsoft Outlook SMS from here.

4: Personal Folders Backup

Outlook is considered to be one of the best email client by storing your emails, calendar items, contacts, everything in a PST file. What if your outlooks gets corrupted or that file gets corrupted? You will be losing everything you have in your outlook. The best way to avoid such situation is to back up this file on daily. Personal Folders Backup is a cool add-in to backup PST file at regular intervals. Its free, easy to use, and is provided by Microsoft. Just try it out.

You can download Personal Folders Backup from here.

5: MathType with Word

If you are looking for an equation editor to create mathematical notations in Ms Word, then this add-in is for you. MathType lets you create mathematical equations in not only Word, but it is that much flexible that you can use it with web pages, desktop publishing tools, power point presentations, etc. A really good to be used for people busy in writing scientific, or mathematical papers.


MathType is a third party tool and you will have to purchase it before you use it. You can purchase it from here.

6: Lookeen for Outlook 2003/2007

Lookeen is a search tool for Ms Outlook. It helps you search all Outlook folders including archived folders, mails, attachments, appointments, tasks, notes, contacts, etc. You can even search all that at the same time. The search is really faster.

lookeenLookeen is a third party add-in and is available as a 14 day free download as well as available for purchase at here.

7: Total Access Analyzer

As the name suggests, Total Access Analyzer analyzes Access database objects and gives out hidden problems, forgotten objects, etc. It can create data flow diagrams by cross-referencing objects. The add-in is really helpful to document your code.

totalaccessanalyzerThe add-in provided by third party and is not free. You may purchase Total Access Analyzer from here.

8: OLAP PivotTable Extensions for Excel 2007

This add-in extends the OLAP PivotTable extension in Ms Excel to let you include Analysis Services cubes as well. It does so by providing a UI to do what is already provided by the Ms Excel. This means this add-in is just providing an interface to an existing functionality which was lacking interface.

pivottableThe add-in can be downloaded from here.

9: Blueprint for Outlook

You can find yourself that printing features in outlook are always limited. So this add-in adds some printing features in Ms Outlook so that you can print not only a single page but also the selected text, or an attachment etc.

blueprintYou may purchase it from here.

10: AddInSpy

You may use this add-in to develop new add-ins for Microsoft Office if you are interested in troubleshooting existing add-ins. This tool is provided by Microsoft for free.

You may download it from here.


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