Software Development’s Classic Mistakes

Below are the common mistakes observed during software development with there frequencies.
Overly optimistic schedules 77%
Unrealistic expectations 73%
Excessive multi-tasking 71%
Shortchanged quality assurance 70%
Noisy, crowded offices 69%
Feature creep 69%
Wishful thinking 68%
Insufficient risk management 68%
Confusing estimates with targets 65%
Omitting necessary tasks from estimates 61%
Abandoning planning under pressure 59%
Shortchanged upstream activities 58%
Heroics 58%
Lack of user involvement 57%
Inadequate design 54%
Insufficient planning 54%
Wasted time in the fuzzy front end 52%
Planning to catch up later 51%
Weak personnel 49%
Undermined motivation 45%
Unclear project vision 44%
Requirements gold-plating 44%
Code-like-hell programming 44%
Lack of project sponsorship 42%
Politics placed over substance 37%
Adding people to a late project 36%
Friction between dev & customers 36%
Developer gold-plating 35%
Lack of stakeholder buy-in 33%
Trusting the map more than the terrain 32%
Assuming global development has little impact 30%
Outsourcing to reduce cost 29%
Uncontrolled problem employees 29%
Letting a team go dark 28%
Subcontractor failure 27%
Silver-bullet syndrome 26%
Push me, pull me negotiation 26%
Overestimating savings from tools/methods 24%
Premature or too frequent convergence 24%
Research-oriented development 19%
Lack of automated source control 14%
Switching tools in mid-project 3%


One Response to “Software Development’s Classic Mistakes”

  1. mbt Says:

    Nip ur nails in the bud.

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