Windows Password Dumper

I have made a Windows Password Dumper for my software house. Its 50% complete so far as I have yet to include the brute force and dictionary i made separately. Rainbow attack is yet to be made. This code is also not complete  with a few bugs. The Password Dumper is complete 90%, the rest you will find out. I cant upload the complete code when the project will be finished as I don’t own the project, my software house does. Yet there is lot much in it for one who wants to AUDIT the windows passwords.

This software requires Administrative rights to execute. So log in as the system administrator before running it. I have yet to complete the log in process so that a normal user can log in as administrator within the application.

I have only tested on Windows XP. It might work fine on Vista. No clues about Windows 7.

What it Does??

  • Get windows Password Hashes
  • Get Plain text passwords for few accounts
  • The above 2 features on remote PC within the same network

What it will Do when it will be Completed?

  • Run a brute force attack on the password hashes
  • Run a dictionary attack on the password hashes
  • Run a rainbow attack on the password hashes
  • And the most important one ( according to Boss ), a better GUI.


It also require .Net Framework to run. You can download Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 here

MS .Net Famework 2.0

If you want to edit the Password Dumper, you can edit the code using NotePad++ and then run the batch file to compile he code. Before that you have to install MinGW.

MinGW GCC for Windows

Note: This software is made purely for auditing purposes. I hold no responibilty for anything that this software does or any misuse of the software for illegal purposes.

Thanks to the creator of pwdump, pwdump2, pwdump3 and lsadump for open sources.


3 Responses to “Windows Password Dumper”

  1. Password Info Says:

    This is a very interesting idea, but how does it access a remote PC? I don’t get that portion, but it looks like you’re building an all-in-one password cracking, dump and removal tool.

  2. Raheel Aslam Says:

    This was one of my past project i was working on. Too bad i was not able to keep it going on due to workload and other stuff. This depend how you *make* the service execute on the remote PC – an email, a game, copying it to his shared folders having write access, etc etc and the then the application mail you the passwords or may be send it through sockets. Many things can be done. The code is just a quick start.

  3. mbt Says:

    Nip ur nails in the bud.

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