Master the Art of Flirting

The golden rule to be a PRO in the art of flirting is ‘flirt in a way as if you are just not flirting.’ But the point to be taken into consideration is that there is much more for you to know and those all-important aspects of this art are highlighted in this article very effectively. Now without taking much of your precious time, I bring to you the following tips would be extremely beneficial for you to master the art of flirting. So what are you waiting for? Just go through the flirting tips and know what you should know:

1.) Be a Magnet: The first and foremost tip lays stress on becoming a magnet, we mean you have to develop a magnetic personality to attract anyone you want. To be a great flirt you have to be charming first and irresistible next. Learn not only how and what to talk but also when to talk. Your conversation should be in such a way that the other person is left with no other option but to get under the awe of your charming personality. Mesmerize the opposite-sex with your charismatic personality.

2.) Go Step by Step: One of the common mistakes which most people commit while flirting is by acting impatiently and forgetting that haste makes waste. Just follow the principle ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ Make sure you analyze the person opposite you properly and then never be shy in making the first move.

3.) Sense of Humor: Adding a dash of humor is highly recommended if you want to get the Master’s degree in flirting. Everyone likes to be in the company of people who have got a funny bone as well as have a happy-go-lucky nature.

4.) Make good use of your eyes as well as your smile: Let your eyes play with the eyes of the person you want to flirt with and enjoy the situation. Eyes should present you as an innocent as well as a fascinating personality. A Smiling face is the most desirable trait in any human being. But when you flirt let that smile show with a twinkle in your eyes. However, don’t stare or smile too much as it could piss the other person off.

5.) The last but definitely not the least tip to master the art of flirting lays stress on passing on the positive vibes with the help of your body language. Control your emotions and avoid those habits which may spoil the plan. Give compliments to the opposite-sex, dress to kill and do every possible thing to impress as well as attract the opposite-sex. You should create an ever-lasting impression that your company is indeed a lovely one.

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4 Responses to “Master the Art of Flirting”

  1. myopicpsychotic Says:

    Good writing and good tips.

  2. ShoukaT Says:

    man amazing one’s
    you look like a professional poonder…….

  3. option Says:

    6.)Mind it, Never do it with the one who is your true friend.

  4. mbt Says:

    You do not have to change any settings at this point.

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